Friday, March 27, 2009

Where in the world have I been?

(Ugh. Seriously, I just started to type when my daycare baby climbed in my lap and burped in my face. Peanut butter...yum!)

Anyway. I have to type fast, because I'm typing one-handed now, and also because I will need to go back to the bathroom in approximately 10 seconds. To make a very long story short, I have a kidney stone that has grown rather attached to me, and to prove it's loyalty, it grew to a mamoth 14mm and decided to block my kidney for kicks. The doctors tried to blast it into little pieces, but it proved indestructible (or maybe it just hid out for an hour or so in my liver, and then came back to it's comfy abode all "Na na na na....I showed you people!") All I know is that it's STILL THERE. So now they're gonna have to go in surgically and pluck the monster out and it will probably have attached itself in there with super glue by then. Yay me! I'm going to have them save it for me, and maybe I will post a picture of it to warn the world of the dangers of...whatever causes kidney stones. Cheese, maybe? I don't even know. Down with cheese!

Also, Ben is still out of work. He is in the sheet-metal union, and when you are laid off your name is put on a list with all the other laid off people. When this whole thing started (on January 19th) he was number 74 on the list and as of yesterday he is number 36. Progress, yes? Very slow progress. We have no money, but on the bright side he has been home to supervise the children while I spend 20 hours a day in the bathroom... so there is that, I suppose. God is providing, and if Ben had been working I have no idea how I would have gotten back and forth to all of these appointments since we only have one car.

So therein lies the lesson of this hastily written blog post. If you absolutely have to grow an Abominable Kidney Stone, wait until your husband is laid off from his job. It will be ever-so-much more convenient.

But only if you just can't restrain yourself...and only then if you really, really like the ambiance in your bathroom.